Wizmotions and Mobile Dealer Partner to Deliver Captivating Promotional Videos for Car Dealerships and Auto Groups

Car dealers and auto groups grow sales and service retention by promoting inventory, service, parts, and F&I with custom and budget-friendly animated videos.


Ottawa, Ontario August 15, 2022 Mobile Dealer, the Nation's leading mobile app developer for car dealerships and auto groups, today announced a partnership with Wizmotions, a global leader in animated explainer video production. With over 4000 videos produced, the strategic partnership will help automotive, powersports, and truck dealerships to market, sell and service more vehicles using a compelling whiteboard, 2D animation, 3D animation, and graphic animations custom videos.


“Creativity is at the heart of Wizmotions expertise. We are thrilled to partner with a global leader in custom videos,” said Tony della Busa, President & CEO, Mobile Dealer. “In Wizmotions, we have an innovative partner that is supporting our dealership customers’ revenue goals with targeted and personalized engagement.”


“We are proud to partner with a technology leader like Mobile Dealer and help their dealership customers to achieve a distinct competitive advantage,” said Emmanuel Hermanez, Partner, Wizmotions. “Using Wizmotions’ customized videos as part of a communication strategy will help dealerships to achieve multiple conversion goals at every stage of the customers’ buying journey and vehicle ownership lifecycle.”


Increase Sales Conversions and Retention with Video Marketing

Personalized video marketing allows businesses to build and retain stronger relationships with customers. Leveraging the business’ branding with a combination of dynamic multimedia content and a personal touch to communications empowers dealerships to communicate their value proposition and stand out against all the messages shoppers get exposed to each day. Personalizing videos is one of the most beneficial ways to capture customers' attention, spark interest and increase engagement. By engaging prospects visually and audibly, people will absorb information easier and faster, resulting in improved sales cycles and increased retention. Learn More.


About Wizmotions

Wizmotions is a global leader in animated explainer video production. We've created over 4000 videos in 20 countries and 15 languages. We've worked with over 2000 companies, from SMBs to Fortune 100 clients like Google, SAP, McDonald's, Nestle, Honda, and many more! Our whiteboard, 2D animation, 3D animation, and graphic animations are hand-drawn and custom-made videos tailored for your exact video marketing needs. http://wizmotions.com


About Mobile Dealer

Mobile Dealer is the leading provider of car dealer app mobile solutions that grow sales, service, parts, and F&I revenue for auto groups. Mobile Dealer helps dealerships to increase pre-orders, service appointments, and F&I profitability with its product portfolio, including Mobile Dealer App, Digital Loyalty Rewards, Geofencing, Customer Portal and Mobile Payments solution. https://mobile-dealer.com


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