October 1, 2020

Mobile Glovebox

Superior Customer Experience

Integrated with your dealer management system, customers can view their entire service history of saved invoices; and they can view and pay for balance due invoices – all from the convenience of their smartphone.

Increase Service Retention

Notify customers via email, text or in-app notification that their vehicle is ready for pickup, along with a secure link to a personalized dealer-branded mobile checkout form. Give your customers the convenience to pay from their mobile phones, desktop computer or existing mobile app.

Embrace Social Distancing

Provide your customers with peace of mind. Eliminate lineups by enabling customers to pay prior to picking up their vehicle at the service center or their parts at the parts center.

Improve Customer Experience

Customers get dealer-branded secure link to invoice details allowing them to review specifics and pay from their mobile device or desktop in advance of pick up.

Instant Payment Notifications

Get instantly notified when a payment is successful completed. Automatically generate receipts and send follow-up messages to customers after their payments are successfully completed.

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