July 23, 2018

Mobile VIP & Geo-Mobile Sales


Ottawa, Ontario – July 26, 2018 – Mobile Dealer today unveiled a leap innovation in auto dealership mobile technology. The Mobile VIP & Geo-Mobile Sales solution is a first-of-its-kind mobile app solution proven to help dealerships to win more competitive deals and increase monthly service appointments.

Win More Customers with Geo-Mobile Sales

Mobile Dealer empowers dealers to be more competitive by better connecting with customers and active buyers directly through their mobile devices – in the moment when they are ready to buy.  When shoppers visit a competitor, they’ll trigger a geo-fence and receive a captivating message to their smartphone with a compelling call-to-action. Mobile Dealer takes geo-fencing one step further with Geo-Mobile Sales. The Dealer Dashboard Portal alerts sales staff when prospects are visiting a competitors’ lot and prompt them to do a timely follow up. With this critical insight, dealerships are able to connect with shoppers at the right time and convert them to customers.

Strengthen Service Retention with Mobile Customer VIP

Successful dealers understand the lifetime value of their customers. It’s more than just a car sale. Driving repeat visits into the dealership and cross-selling services to customers throughout the lifetime of their vehicle is key to growth. Leveraging the customer’s smartphone, dealerships use Mobile VIP to send captivating sales, service and parts promotions, special coupons, and compelling loyalty rewards that ultimately drive repeat visits and strengthen retention.”

Dealership Testimonials

Katie Rosenbaum, Marketing Director, Newton Nissan: “We’re selling more cars per month and increasing monthly service appointments with Mobile VIP & Geo-Mobile Sales.”

David Barber, Principal, Northern Honda: “Our Mobile VIP & Geo-Mobile Sales app helps us to convert more shoppers into customers. It also adds value after the sale by improving service retention with compelling mobile offers and loyalty rewards that are highly demanded by our customers.”

Lori Keay, Vice President, Jim Keay Ford: “All of our customers and shoppers have smartphones. Mobile Dealer gives us a modern and effective approach to convert active buyers to customers and build long-term customer loyalty.”

Travis Graddon, Marketing Director, Bellingham Porsche, Bellingham Audi, Roger Jobs Volkswagen: “Mobile Dealer gives us the ability to attract, nurture, retain and grow customer relationships throughout their entire vehicle ownership cycle.”

Rick Funk, Principal, Funk’s Toyota: “We use geo-fencing to drive additional foot traffic to our showrooms and service area. This in conjunction with Geo-Mobile Sales, we know exactly when a potential buyer visits our competitors and have the opportunity to follow up and win the sale.”

Michael Mills, General Sales Manager, Champion Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac: “With Mobile VIP we’re more effective in sending targeted mobile offers and specials that are relevant to our customers’ buying cycle. This level of personalization helps us sell more cars and improve loyalty to our dealership.”

About Mobile Dealer

Mobile Dealer is a leading provider of Mobile VIP & Geo-Mobile Sales solutions for auto groups. Leveraging customers and shoppers smartphones, Mobile Dealer gives dealerships the power to increase shoppers on lot, convert more buyers to customers, increase monthly service appointments, and improve service retention. Your App Genius –– www.mobileinstein.com

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