August 16, 2018

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Ottawa, Ontario – February 3, 2020 – Honda dealerships across North America are partnering with Mobile Dealer to outpace their competition by selling and servicing more cars with an innovative mobile dealer app.

2020 is here and digital transformation is widely recognized as a top strategic initiative for forward-thinking dealerships.  Mobile Dealer has empowered Honda dealerships to enhance their digital strategy as today’s consumers demand a mobile experience when they research, purchase and engage with their preferred dealerships. Adapting to meet consumers’ digital demands with mobile tools gives Honda dealers the opportunity to better connect with a new generation of vehicle buyers, differentiate their experience, and create customers for life.

Honda Dealership Testimonials

Richard Davies, Vice President, General Manager, Midland Honda: “This is a MUST HAVE for dealerships! We’re selling more cars and increasing monthly service appointments with our Mobile Customer Engagement & Geofence Sales app.”

David Barber, Principal, Northern Honda: “Our mobile dealer app helps us to convert more shoppers into customers. It also adds value after the sale by improving service retention with compelling mobile coupons and loyalty rewards that are highly demanded by our customers.”

Craig Cowling, General Manager, RoadSport Honda: “All of our customers and shoppers have smartphones. Mobile Dealer gives us a modern approach to connect directly with customers and drive additional foot traffic into our showrooms and service area in a cost-effective manner.”

Brendon Hall, General Manager, Honda Way: “Our mobile dealer app gives us the ability to attract, win and grow customer relationships throughout their entire vehicle ownership cycle.”

Todd Bennett, General Manager, Honda House: “We use geofencing to entice more traffic into our showrooms and service area. In addition, our Geo-Analytics feature lets us know exactly when potential buyers visit our competitors and gives us the opportunity to reach out to them, provide better options, and win the sale.”

Digital Solution Helps Dealer Groups Sell & Service More Units

Adapting to meet consumers’ digital demands with mobile tools gives dealerships the opportunity to better connect with a new generation of vehicle buyers, differentiate their experience, and create customers for life.

“Mobile Dealer is a company with a strong position, innovative digital solutions and an incredibly bright future,” said Tony della Busa, President & CEO, Mobile Dealer. “In today’s connected world where everyone has a smartphone, dealerships that embrace a digital strategy that engages customers at every stage of their buying and ownership lifecycle will increase customer acquisition, improve retention and drive storewide profitability.”

Mobile Dealer has made significant digital innovations that will continue to drive the company’s growth and enhance its ability to help clients drive great future business outcomes. The hosted solution packages these innovations in one unique offering, which includes:

Schedule Service – increase service revenue by enabling customers to easily book a service appointment. Automated maintenance reminders increase service revenue and store-wide profitability.

Geo-targeted Digital Marketing – launch targeted digital campaigns to alert customers and shoppers when they drive by your location and your competitors’ lot i.e. specials, new inventory, events, etc.

Geo-Mobile Digital Sales – notify staff when a customer and prospect triggers a geofence and prompt sales and service team to personally engage with a timely follow up.

Digital Lead Generation – generate thousands of leads every month with a unique lead generation platform.

Inventory – integrated with your dealer management system, sell more inventory, services, leases, lease renewals, maintenance, accessories, parts, and body shop.

Digital Offers – increase customer spend on services, inventory and accessories with compelling coupons i.e. oil change, brake service, tune up, etc.

Loyalty Rewards – improve customer retention by rewarding customers for frequent purchases i.e. oil changes, maintenance.

Advanced Notifications – drive customer action by sending automated geo-targeted alerts directly to your customer’s mobile device i.e. specials, new inventory, referrals, service reminder, events, etc.

Manufacturer Apps – integrate with any manufacturing app to ensure an optimal customer experience.

Analytics – detailed reports on competitive shopper visits, user downloads, user activity, mobile offer redemption, loyalty redemption, customer and prospect geo-targets, referral tracking, etc.

About Mobile Dealer

Mobile Dealer helps automotive, trucking and motorsport groups to sell and service more units. With the power of mobile apps and geofencing solutions, Mobile Dealer enables dealerships to increase customer acquisition, increase monthly service appointments, drive store wide profitability, and enhance the buyer & customer experience.   

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