Honda Dealers Increase Service Retention, Preorders and F&I Sales with an Innovative Mobile Dealer App


Mobile Dealer Partners with Northern Honda, Midland Honda, Henley Honda, Hamburg Honda, Roadsport Honda, Honda House, Honda Way, Westwood Honda, Sisley Honda and Welland Honda.

Ottawa, Ontario June 1, 2022
Mobile Dealer, the Nation's leading car dealer mobile app developer for car dealerships and auto groups, announced today that they are helping dealerships to increase service retention, trade-ins, preorders and F&I sales. The mobile solution has been launched by numerous Honda dealerships across North America, including Northern Honda, Midland Honda, Henley Honda, Hamburg Honda, Roadsport Honda, Honda House, Honda Way, and Welland Honda, to name a few. View video demo.

In related news, Mobile Dealer has announced a record year for revenue growth. As digital transformation continues to grow as a top strategic initiative for dealerships, Mobile Dealer fosters its strong financial position with a variety of career opportunities in management, sales, marketing and software development - view career opportunities.

Dealership Testimonials

Shamil Becharbhai, Regional Director, Welland Honda, Henley Honda, Hamburg Honda: “Our dealer app helps us to provide our customers with a best-in-class ownership experience by enabling them to easily schedule a service appointment, access roadside assistance and our collision center, as well as communicate with our service staff.”


Richard Davies, Vice President, General Manager, Midland Honda: “This is a MUST HAVE for dealerships! We’re selling more cars and increasing monthly service appointments with our Midland Honda dealer app.”


David Barber, Principal, Northern Honda: “Our Northern Honda dealer app helps us to increase trade-ins and preorders. It also adds value after the sale by improving service retention with compelling mobile coupons and loyalty rewards that are highly demanded by our customers.”


Craig Cowling, General Manager, RoadSport Honda: “All of our customers and shoppers have smartphones. Mobile Dealer gives us a modern approach to connect directly with customers and drive additional foot traffic into our showrooms and service area in a cost-effective manner.”


Brendon Hall, General Manager, Honda Way: “Our Honda Way dealer app gives us the ability to attract, win and grow customer relationships throughout their entire vehicle ownership cycle.”


Todd Bennett, General Manager, Honda House: “We use geo-fencing to entice more traffic into our showrooms and service area. In addition, our mobile app lets our staff know exactly when potential buyers visit our competitors and gives us the opportunity to reach out to them, provide better options, and win the sale.”

Increase Trade-ins and Preorders with Innovative Geo-fencing

Mobile Dealer empowers dealers to increase trade-ins and preorders by better connecting with active buyers directly through their smartphones – in the moment when they are ready to buy.  When shoppers visit a competitor, they’ll trigger a geo-fence and receive a captivating message to their smartphone with a compelling call-to-action. Mobile Dealer takes geo-fencing one step further with Geo-Mobile Sales. The Dealer Geo-Mobile Sales Portal alerts sales staff when prospects are visiting a competitors’ lot and prompts them to do a timely follow up. With this critical insight, dealerships are able to connect with shoppers at the right time, present them with a captivating digital offer, and convert them to customers.



About Mobile Dealer

Mobile Dealer is the leading provider of car dealer app mobile solutions that grow sales, service, parts and F&I revenue for auto groups. Mobile Dealer helps dealerships to increase pre-orders, service appointments and F&I profitability with its product portfolio, including Mobile Dealer App, Digital Loyalty Rewards, Geofencing, Customer Portal and Mobile Payments solution.


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