Auto Groups Launch App for Auto Dealers to Help Increase Market Share and Service Retention

Ottawa, Ontario – October 9, 2021 – 
Mobile Dealer, the leading app for auto dealers that grows sales, service, parts and F&I revenue for auto groups, announced today that it is helping automotive groups to improve store-wide profitability through increased service retention and new customer acquisition.

With a flattening automotive retail market, in tandem with, franchise dealerships only handling about 30% of service work across the country, invites a change in strategy on how dealerships acquire customers, improve service retention, and maximize the critical revenue stream that is Fixed Operations.

“In today’s ultra-connected world where everyone has a smartphone, dealerships that embrace a mobile strategy that engages customers at every stage of their buying journey and vehicle ownership lifecycle will increase customer acquisition, improve service retention, and drive storewide profitability,” said Tony della Busa, President & CEO, Mobile Dealer.

App for Auto Dealers Testimonials

Katie Rosenbaum, Marketing Manager, Newton Auto Group: 
“We’ve deployed our Newton-branded mobile dealer app for over six months and have achieved an increase in new customer acquisitions as well as an increase in service appointments each month.”

Joe Hanley, Principal, Orchid Isle Auto Group: “Our app for auto dealers is helping us to increase sales and service retention by appealing to customers’ needs throughout each stage of their vehicle ownership lifecycle. Timing and value creation is key at each stage.”

Darin Callison, Marketing Director, Bob Hurley Auto Group: “We’re increasing monthly variable and fixed margins with our app for auto dealers.”

Kelsey Bilyk, Marketing Director, LAND Auto Group: Buying a vehicle from us is one of the largest investments our customers will make in their lifetime. Our customers want to be connected to our dealerships via mobile which is essential to keeping our customers loyal to us and growing profitability.”

Tim Roberts, Principal, Affinity Auto Group: “Our app for auto dealers helps us to captivate more customers and achieve higher levels of service retention by engaging in relevant and meaningful communications at each stage of our customers’ vehicle ownership lifecycle.”

Increase Store-wide Profitability

Successful dealers understand the lifetime value of their customers. It’s more than just a car sale. As new-vehicle dealerships handle only about 30% of service work across the country, driving repeat visits into the dealership and cross-selling services to customers throughout the lifetime of their vehicle is key to achieving customer retention and store-wide profitability.

A new Cox Automotive Service Industry Study maintains that the service experience is key to customer loyalty, as 74 percent of customers who serviced their vehicle with the dealership in the last 12 months will return to purchase their next vehicle from the same dealership — compared to only 35 percent of customers who did not visit for service.

As dealers look to focus on fixed operations as a principal source of profitability, Mobile Customer VIP™ by Mobile Einstein, helps dealerships to optimize service revenue and retention by connecting with customers via their smartphone with timely automated alerts and offers during opportune moments in their vehicle lifecycle, such as an oil change, tire rotation, brake service, maintenance checkup, etc.

Attract and Retain Customers for Life

The growth in GPS technology is giving rise to a trend in localization for the automotive industry. Geo-mobile sales is one of the newest and most effective lead generation and service retention strategies today as it enables dealerships to effectively connect with customers and active buyers directly through their smartphones – in the moment when they are ready to buy a car or schedule a service.

Similar to geofencing, geo-mobile sales allows dealerships to set up a virtual perimeter around their location as well as competitor lots. When customers and potential buyers pass through the perimeter, they trigger a timely and personalized message alert to their smartphone, enticing them to visit the dealership.

Geo-mobile Sales™ by Mobile Dealer, goes one step further by offering a compelling experience that appeals to customers and prospects with an effective call-to-action into the dealership’s sales and service center. The action takes place on the consumer’s phone and is purpose-built to promote participation such as a digital “scratch & win”, a loyalty reward, a virtual tour, a digital coupon, or a pop-up sales event. Gamification enhances the dealership experience by motivating shoppers and customers to take action in the form of visiting the dealership, redeeming an offer, purchasing a vehicle, and scheduling a service.

The app for auto dealers solution alerts the dealer’s sales and service staff when customers and prospects are visiting a competitors’ lot, and prompts them to initiate a timely and personalized follow up based on detailed analytics on the name of the buyer, the dealership they’re visiting, and time of day. With this critical insight, dealerships can boost local awareness among prospects looking to purchase a vehicle and retain customers looking to schedule a service appointment.

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