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Dealership Testimonials

Mobile Dealer helps dealerships to sell and service more vehicles. The innovative mobile app solution enables dealers to improve customer satisfaction, generate more leads, increase sales conversions, and improve service retention.

Andrew Auger, Manager, North Bay Toyota

“This is a MUST-HAVE! Our auto dealer app and geofencing solution is helping us to sell and service more cars every month. We have a modern approach to engage customers at every stage of their buying journey and vehicle ownership life cycle, which is helping us to drive store wide profitability.”

Jason Keay, Principal, Jim Keay Ford Lincoln

“Our car dealer app helps us to exceed our monthly sales & service targets! We’re generating more leads, selling more units and increasing our service ROs with automated service reminders, targeted geo-mobile marketing, loyalty rewards, digital customer referrals, and service scheduling.”

David Barber, Principal, Northern Honda

“This is a GAME CHANGER! Our dealer dashboard alerts us when prospects are visiting competitors. With this insight, we’re able to convert more shoppers into customers. It also adds value after the sale by improving service retention with eye-catching mobile offers, loyalty rewards.

Ryan Barclay, GM, Belleville Dodge Chrysler

“We are outpacing our competition and winning more customers. Our customers are just one click away from booking a service appointment, referring our dealership, redeeming a mobile offer, sharing our specials, and taking advantage of our digital loyalty rewards program.”

In today’s connected world where everyone has a smartphone, dealerships that embrace an automotive mobile app strategy that engages consumers at every stage of their buying journey and vehicle ownership lifecycle will increase customer acquisition, improve service retention, and drive storewide profitability.

Features & Benefits

Powered through every customers and buyers' smartphone, targeted mobile customer engagement and geofencing helps dealerships to generate more leads every day, convert more buyers to customers, and increase service appointments throughout the customers’ vehicle ownership lifecycle.

Push Notifications

Send personalized alerts directly to your customer’s mobile device i.e. specials, referrals, test drives, offers, etc.


Launch targeted campaigns to alert active buyers when they drive by your location or competitors’ lot i.e. specials, events, etc.

Lead Generation

Integrated with your CRM, grow your business with a lead generation program that is proven to drive buyers to your lot.

Mobile Offers

Increase customer spend on services, inventory and merchandise with compelling coupons i.e. oil change, brake service, etc.

Loyalty Rewards

Improve customer retention by rewarding customers for frequent purchases i.e. oil changes, maintenance, tire rotation, etc.

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As a successful dealer, you understand the lifetime value of your customer. It’s more than just a sale. Securing repeat visits over your competition and cross-selling services to customers throughout the lifetime of their vehicle is key to increasing your sales, driving store-wide profitability, and growing your business. Learn how your dealer app can help you sell more and service more.

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